Green Cascade Eco Stay - A Pure Vegetarian Non Alcoholic Resort, CLEAN FUN. Here luxury co-exists with nature.
Bookings are subjected to availability.
  • 24 Hours Hot water
  • Wi-Fi internet enabled
  • In House Vegetarian food on order
  • UPS Power back up
  • Watchman and Security round the clock
  • Filtered Drinking water
  • Doctor on Call
  • Laundry facilities on demand
  • Travel / Taxi arrangements
  • Heater on demand

Resort Policies and Guidelines

We are delighted to have you as our guest at Green Cascade Health Resort.

So as to ensure that your stay is pleasurable, serene and safe, and to avoid any confusion, please make the time to read our Resort Rules and Guidelines.

We are sure that you will understand that, if these Rules and Guidelines are seriously violated, the Resort will have the right to request you to terminate your stay and, if the circumstances justify it, also to pay for any damage arising from such violation.

Smoking of cigarettes or cigars is not permitted in the Resorts rooms and bungalows, or anywhere else within the Resorts grounds other than the permitted areas.


Guests visit our Resort for the purposes of enjoying a relaxed vacation and health benefits. Please assist their enjoyment by being as quiet and considerate as possible, by not permitting undue noise to emanate from your room/bungalow and by not otherwise disturbing them in the Resorts public areas and facilities.

In particular, kindly be considerate of other people need for quietness between the hours of 9:00 pm to 8:00 am.


Each room/bungalow comes provided with its own furnishings and equipment. Guests are requested to refrain from removing them. Missing or damaged items will be charged for at check-out.


Every room/bungalow is supplied with sheets and towels, which should not be taken home as souvenirs. Upon check-out, sheets and towels that are discovered to have been lost or damaged will be charged for.


Guests are not permitted to engage in cooking or barbecuing inside their rooms/bungalows.


The Resort provides a laundry service on request.


For the safety of all guests, fireworks are prohibited in all Resort property. Carrying of firearms is also prohibited.


Guests are kindly requested to park their vehicles only in the designated parking areas. No vehicles of any kind may be driven or parked on the Resort’s grass or landscaped areas.


Naturally, any form of vandalism is strictly prohibited, and this includes (without being limited to) the destruction or defoliation of trees, the uprooting of plants and flowers, and any scavenging for firewood.


The Resort assumes no responsibility for guests loss of money, jewels, or other valuables. It cannot be held responsible for articles that guests may leave unattended in their rooms or vehicles. However, the Resort is equipped with a CCTV system that keeps a constant eye on what is occurring, which can provide useful evidence in the event that deliberate theft is suspected.

Guests can help protect their possessions by keeping their doors locked when leaving their rooms during the daytime and when sleeping at night.


To prevent the outbreak of fire inside their rooms and bungalows, guests must refrain from

Cooking of food, using room heating appliances or ironing clothes.

Carelessly discarding still glowing fire butts in waste-paper baskets and garbage cans.

Engaging in any other behavior that could cause a fire or otherwise endanger life or property.


Children using the Resorts play areas must be constantly supervised by their parents or adult guardians.


All bookings will be guaranteed at the time of reservation only on 100 % advance payment.

Valuables are the sole responsibility of the guest; they are advised not to leave any item unattended. Management is not responsible for loss of any items.